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Math Solving Problems
A Reference for Teachers
by John R. Dixon
Published by John R. Dixon Books

For Math Educators ...Middle, High School And College

• Over 200 solved problems, ready for classroom use

• Solutions explain problem solving process clearly and fully

• Problems organized into 5 classes for easy selection by teachers

• Appendices on units, graphs, 'per' problems, and triangles

• Easier problems included for teaching the problem solving processes thoroughly before advancing to more difficult problems

• 'Word' problems solved by a single, generalized analysis process

• Use as teacher's reference, a library reference for students, a text or reference for units on problem solving, or as a workshop basis

• John R. Dixon is certified in mathematics by the Massachusetts Department of Education, Grades 5-12

208 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover.

BLOG REVIEW "These example solutions can be very enlightening to parents and teachers." --Maria Miller, author of one of most popular homeschool math blogs on the web.
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