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Reviews of "Gwyneth's Secret Grampa"

Comments on Gwyneth's Secret Grandpa by Teachers
"I couldn't put this book down! Gwyneth captured my heart on the first page and never let go. The author conveys so realistically the feelings and thoughts of a strong-minded young girl growing up during WWII. The setting in time is masterfully drawn; the family drama is most engaging. This novel will be a favorite for children and grown-ups alike!" A Professor of English, Greenfield Community College, Greenfield, MA.

"While today's youth seek independence from parents, they remain mesmerized by questions that probe the puzzles of familial relationships. Such is the case with Gwyneth, who is able to envision life through the curious mind and heart of a child while at the same time seeing with the wisdom of Grandpa's adult eyes. In this engaging story of a young girl living in the 40's, we are reminded of the value of life and family, the sense of identity and self-worth, and the mystery of the past. A cadence of grandpas and our personal past histories march past us for review, and Gwyneth's triumph becomes our victory, too." A Language Arts Department Teacher, Frontier Regional School, South Deerfield, MA.

"Eye-catching content, easy to read literary genre, filled with excitement for all middle school students as the author takes the reader on a journey to locate a lost grandfather. Because of the various personalities, genders and range of age of the characters, readers will be able to relate easily to many of them. The book, guaranteed to be enjoyed by male or female, is ideal for independent reading or for a literature assignment.
A 6th Grade Teacher, Hadley, Massachusetts

Comments on Gwyneth's Secret Grandpa by Young Readers
"An extraordinary story about a girl who has the courage and desire to discover her long lost family. It's a great book to read when you're in the mood for adventure, yet it has the warm, happy feeling of a good family story." 7th Grader

"It's a fasacinating tale about a twelve-year-old girl's adventure into her family's past. It's set during World War II, and Gwyneth and the other characters come to life in an intriguing story that will make you - like me - wonder what you can discover about your own family's past."
8th Grader

"Gwyneth's Secret Grandpa is an excellent book! The heroine, Gwyneth, is an intelligent and realistic girl you will want to learn more about. It's a great and interesting read!" 7th Grader

Children's Bookwatch Review
Gwyneth is courageous, curious, resourceful, stubborn, and twelve years old when she learns that there is a secret to be discovered about her family's history. Annie Williams' Gwyneth's Secret Grampa debuts the New Field Stone Publishers' "Family History Adventures for Young Readers" series. The setting is a World War II era homefront and the secret has to do with a young girl whose older brother Davie goes off to fight while she searches for a grandfather they never knew. Annie Williams heartfelt and engaging story is nicely illustrated by Linsey Doolitttle and a highly recommended and welcome addition to any grade school or community library collection.

Midwest Reviews and Wordweaving.com Review
"Twelve-year old Gwyneth enjoys her older brother Davie's company, especially because he takes her along wherever he is going. Davie even lets her come along with him and Beth, except at night on their dates. Davie has enlisted in the Marines to fight in World War II, which worries Gwyneth. Before Davie leaves, their father encourages him to locate his grandpa, their mother's father, although secrets from the past have alienated their mother from their grandpa...When Gwyneth and Davie arrive in the town where their grandpa lives, they realize they don't know his first name. They consult the phone book, but with twenty-nine people with the same lost name, they quickly give their task up as futile. they plan to return, but with gas rationing, find they cannot return before Davie leaves for the war. Gwyneth doesn't give up, however, taking the bus back to her grandpa's town. She still can't find him the phonebook, and later takes her research to the local library when she convinces Beth to help in her quest. They find grandpa's address, but no one is home. Gwyneth's persistence is eventually rewarded when she meets her secret grandpa. The quest leads to lessons of honesty and forgiveness as she brings healing to her family. Especially timely with our country at war, Gwyneth's Secret Grandpa will touch the hearts of young readers. While our country does not currently share Gwyneth's concern for rationing and gas stamps, the glimpse into the challenges of the past comes a quite an enlightening experience. Further, the author carefully explores the delicate balance between remaining respectfully silent and speaking up for what you believe in. This intriguing look into our shared cultural heritage becomes a lesson in history and love, resulting in riveting read. Highly recommended.